Ash Gourd No. 700 F1 Hybrid


Ash Gourd NO.700
Brand Sungro
Quantity 50g
Fruit Shape Oblong
Fruit Skin Color Light Green with Wax

Coating on Maturity

Fruit Flesh Color Milky White
Fruit Weight 7-8 KG
Maturity 120-140 Days
Remarks Wide Adaptability,

High Yielding Capacity


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Ash Gourd No. 700 F1 Hybrid Seeds: Grow Abundant Light Green Oblong Gourds

Are you looking for a high-yielding ash gourd variety that produces delicious, oblong fruits? Look no further than Ash Gourd No. 700 F1 Hybrid Seeds! These premium seeds are perfect for home gardeners and vegetable growers seeking to cultivate bountiful harvests of this versatile gourd.

Oblong Delights: The Shape of Success

Ash Gourd No. 700 F1 Hybrid Seeds produce stunning oblong-shaped gourds. This unique shape is not only visually appealing but also offers several practical benefits. The oblong shape allows for more efficient use of garden space, enabling you to grow more gourds in a smaller area. Additionally, the oblong shape makes them ideal for various culinary applications, from slicing and stir-frying to creating beautiful decorative containers.

Light Green Beauty with a Waxy Shield

As your Ash Gourd No. 700 F1 Hybrid plants mature, they will begin to bear fruits boasting a light green color. This vibrant hue adds a touch of freshness to your garden and complements a wide variety of dishes. As the gourds reach maturity, they develop a waxy coating that helps protect them from pests and diseases, promoting a healthy harvest.

Unlocking Abundance: High Yielding Potential

One of the most exciting features of Ash Gourd No. 700 F1 Hybrid Seeds is their high-yielding potential. These seeds are known to produce a generous amount of fruits per plant, allowing you to enjoy a bountiful harvest throughout the season. Whether you’re looking to fill your pantry with delicious gourds or share the bounty with friends and family, Ash Gourd No. 700 F1 Hybrid Seeds won’t disappoint.

Beyond the Garden: The Versatility of Ash Gourd

Ash gourds are a highly versatile vegetable with a wide range of culinary uses. Their mild flavor and slightly sweet taste make them perfect for various dishes. You can slice them for stir-fries, curries, and stews, or use them to create unique vegetable noodles. Ash gourds can also be dried and used in traditional Asian medicine.

Start Your Ash Gourd Journey Today!

With their high-yielding potential, beautiful oblong shape, and delicious flavor, Ash Gourd No. 700 F1 Hybrid Seeds are a fantastic choice for any gardener. Order your seeds today and experience the joy of cultivating these versatile and rewarding gourds in your own backyard!

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