Kavungal Agro Tech Pvt Ltd

Kavungal mostly regarded by others for its nurturing policy of “research and application,” henceforth we have constituted an active research wing consist of highly regarded agricultural scientists, scholars, policy makers and experts, who delivers significant consultations and assistance to the farmers. We operate from Thrissur, one of the fastest growing cities in the southern state of Kerala.

Brief History

Begun 25 years ago as a small retail sales outlet in Mannuthy, Thrissur Dist, Kerala founded by Mr. Sreejith Kumar. The company has started with an initial capital of Rs. 2 Lakhs in 1993 has turned into a semi-corporate organization with an annual turnover of Rs.13 Crore for the FY 2017-18 and we are aiming to achieve its double in the upcoming financial years.

The growth and energy of Kavungal have greatly influenced by our untiring efforts to take up challenges as well as our dedication towards the clients and mediator role between the product manufacturers and end-users. The mentioned achievements couldn't have been achieved without an organized sales teams, stock management methods and infrastructures.


  • 1993 - 2004

    Mr. Sreejith Kumar K has started the retail business under the name of Kavungal Agency, a proprietorship firm, which dealt retailing of fertilizers and pesticides. The initial capital was Rs. 2 Lakhs and attained an annual turnover of Rs 4 Lakhs passing a financial year.

  • 2005

    After a steady progress witnessed throughout the decade, Kavungal decided to revolutionize the business by adding more products to the store, which invited attention from divergent farmers. Kavungal simultaneously started the wholesale business and raise up the annual turnover to 1 Crore.

  • 2006

    Kavungal has added a line of products including farm machinery and sophisticated equipment into retail as well as wholesale business, also taken the exclusive dealership of a few products in Thrissur Dist, Kerala.

  • 2007

    Kavungal family’s younger brother Mr. Jijth Kumar has been incepted into the retail operations whereas Sreejith continued focusing on wholesale and distributions. An appointed 20 retailers have been made in Thrissur Dist and calculated the turnover or Rs 1.6 Crore.

  • 2008

    Expansion of retail business begins here; a branch has been opened in Mannarkkad, Palakkad Dist, Kerala. The locality has encouraged diverse farming habit over the years where Rubber, Coconut, Areconut, Spices besides paddy have been promulgated. Kavungal added a layer of seeds, accessories, machinery etc based on the demand of farmers. A mini-truck has bought in this period for supply to various retailers which could easily count up to 35 now.

  • 2009

    There has been a revamp of the Mannuthy store and expanded it to 2000 Sqft. full-fledged Agro Super Mart, with all newest agro products. Agro Super Mart housed all modern machinery and imported farming tools and fully equipped to deal with the needs of mechanized farming which has almost become the new pulse of the sector. By the closure of first decade in the new millennium, Kavungal achieved a growth of Rs. 2 Crores annual turnover.

  • 2010

    Retail Branches opened at Kochi and Kuttiiparam falling under Eranakulam an Malappuram districts respectively, Kerala. Now Kavingal added 40 more retailers into the loop and made a magnificent turnover of Rs. 3.2 Crore.

  • 2011-2012

    Kavungal formally constituted a new company for the distribution and wholesale activities and named “Kavungal Agro Tech Pvt Ltd.” The younger brother of the family Mr. Shijith incepted as a partner.

  • 2013

    Another outlet started at Kokkala, Thrissur. The distributions network has expanded with more range of products in agro, simultaneously witnessed an in the number of dealers by 160. A godown of 8000 sqft has leased and this juncture and the annual revenue significantly increased to 4.5 Crores

  • 2014

    Kavungal started an exclusive distribution of numerous Indian seeds and imported ones besides becoming distribution dealer of leading machinery and equipment manufacturer Makita and a few others.

  • 2015

    Mannuthy business unit renovated to a 6000 sqft structure with novel decoration. In addition, the entire office activities computerized with the adoption ‘tally’ accounting and inventory management system. An importing of new products from Thailand, China and other countries has started for growing machine demand in agriculture sector.

  • 2016

    Kavungal formally constituted a new line of distribution and wholesale activities of pesticides, fertilizers and organic fertilizers.

  • 2017

    This year our growth has been double and we have achieved more than our target of 7 cr and altogether achieved a consolidate turnover of over 8.5 cr.

  • 2018

    This year as part of our vision for enhancing the growth in sales and better control on other group of companies we have taken over our sister concern firm Kavungal Agency and bought under the flagship company Kavungal Agro Tech Pvt Ltd. The total turnover has been achieved in tune of 13 cr. for the FY 2017-18.