Bitter Gourd Maya 009 F1 Hybrid


Bitter Gourd Maya 009 F1 Hybrid
Brand East West
Quantity 50 g
Plant Height 20-25 Feet
Fruit Length 24-27 CM
Fruit Diameter 4.5 CM
Fruit Surface Blended Spines
Fruit Color (Unripe) Greenish White
Fruit Color (Ripe) Shiny White
Days to 1st Packing 50-55 days
Remarks Very vigorous with a dense plant habit, high yield, and resistant to virus and downy mildew

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A hybrid closely resembling Palee in fruit shape, size, and yield potential, except that it is white in color. The plants are very vigorous with a dense growth habit. Its spindle-shaped fruits have moderately thick spines, contributing to its good transportability.