Chaff Cutter 3 Roller


  • Power : 2 HP Single Phase
  • No. of Roller : 3
  • Numbers of Cutting Blades : 2
  • Casting Body
  • Reverse & Forward Switch

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Introducing the Chaff Cutter Machine with Casting Body, a powerful and efficient tool for your agricultural needs. This machine boasts a 2 HP Single Phase SIP Motor, running at 240 Volts and 1440 RPM, providing reliable performance.

Safety is a top priority, as all rotating parts are fully covered by a protective safety cover, ensuring secure operation. The machine features 2 feed rollers, constructed with durable steel gear warm type, guaranteeing longevity and consistent performance.

Equipped with two cutting blades made from high carbon steel material, this chaff cutter delivers precise and efficient cutting of fodder. The machine’s robust bearings, sized at 6206 and 6204, further enhance its durability and stability during operation.

Whether you’re processing dry or green fodder, this chaff cutter excels, yielding an impressive output of approximately 360 kg per hour. Invest in this reliable and high-performing machine to streamline your fodder processing operations. Experience the efficiency and productivity of the Gokul Model Casting Body Chaff Cutter Machine today!