Chaff Cutter Machine 3 Roller


  • Power : 2 HP Single Phase
  • No. of Roller : 3
  • Numbers of Cutting Blades : 2
  • Casting Body
  • Reverse & Forward Switch

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Buy Efficient Chaff Cutter Machine 3 Roller

We are introducing the Chaff Cutter Machine with Casting Body, a powerful and efficient tool for your agricultural needs. This machine boasts a 2 HP Single Phase SIP Motor, running at 240 Volts and 1440 RPM, providing reliable performance.

Safety is a top priority, as a protective cover covers all rotating parts, ensuring secure operation. The machine features 2 feed rollers, constructed with durable steel gear warm type, guaranteeing longevity and consistent performance.

Equipped with two cutting blades made from high-carbon steel, this chaff cutter delivers precise and efficient fodder cutting. The machine’s robust bearings, sized at 6206 and 6204, further enhance its durability and stability during operation.

Whether you’re processing dry or green fodder, this chaff cutter excels, yielding an impressive output of approximately 360 kg per hour. Invest in this reliable and high-performing machine to streamline your fodder processing operations. Experience the efficiency and productivity of the Gokul Model Casting Body Chaff Cutter Machine today!

What is a Chaff Cutter Used For?

Chaff cutters are workhorses (pun intended!) in animal husbandry. These ingenious machines play a crucial role in preparing and processing fodder, which is plant material like hay, straw, or maize stalks, for livestock consumption.

Give your animals the healthy, bite-sized meals they deserve!

  • Feeding Made Easy: Chop hay, straw, and other roughage into smaller pieces for easier eating and better digestion. Happy animals, happy farm!
  • Balanced Meals in a Snap: Mix different types of feed to create nutritious, customized meals for all your livestock.
  • Silage Savvy: Prepare high-quality fodder for winter feeding by chopping green crops like corn stalks for better storage and fermentation.
  • Comfy Bedding: Create soft, absorbent bedding from chopped straw for a clean and comfortable resting area for your animals.
  • Save Time & Money: Skip the hand-chopping and get things done faster! Our Chaff Cutter saves you valuable time and reduces feed waste.

Beyond the benefits for animals, chaff cutters offer advantages for farmers as well:

  • Labor Savings: Gone are the days of tedious manual chopping! Chaff cutters are fast and efficient, saving farmers valuable time and effort.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By reducing feed waste and improving animal health, chaff cutters can lead to long-term savings for your farm.
  • Silage Production: Chaff cutters are an essential tool for preparing fodder for silage production, a popular method for preserving large quantities of forage for later use.

In conclusion, chaff cutters are a valuable investment for any farm raising livestock. They promote better animal health, improve feeding efficiency, and offer numerous benefits for farmers.

Invest in a Chaff Cutter and enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved Animal Health & Growth
  • Simplified Farm Chores
  • Reduced Feed Costs
  • Increased Farm Efficiency

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