Chilli F1 RSC No.05 (imp)


Chilli F1-RSC-05 (Imp)
Plant Height 3  Feet
Days to 1st Packing 62-66 after transplanting
Fruit Length  12-13 cm
Fruit Diameter 6 cm
Fruit Surface Medium Smooth
Fruit Color (Unripe) Green
Fruit Color (Ripe) Red
Pungency Medium
Remarks Suitable for early spring protective cultivation.

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Chilli F1 RSC No.05 (imp) Vegetable Seeds

Start your journey towards a fiery harvest with our Chilli F1 RSC No.05 (imp) vegetable seeds! This impressive variety boasts a purity level of 98%, ensuring exceptional germination rates and a bountiful yield of vibrant green chillies.

Specially Bred for Success:

Chilli F1 RSC No.05 (imp) seeds result from careful selection and hybridization. This translates to desirable characteristics that will excite any chilli enthusiast:

  • Reliable Germination: The high purity (98%) of these seeds means you can expect a high success rate when planting. More seeds sprouting means more chillies to enjoy!
  • Vibrant Green Color: These chillies are known for their beautiful green hue, adding a touch of visual interest to your garden and a pop of colour to your dishes.
  • Uncertain of spice level? Unfortunately, the description based on “Chilli RSC” alone cannot definitively determine the spice level. However, some chilli F1 varieties are known for their balanced heat, offering a flavour kick without overwhelming your taste buds.

Suitable for All Levels:

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a curious beginner, Chilli F1 seeds are a great choice. Their ease of planting and reliable germination make them perfect for anyone wanting to cultivate their hot peppers.

Get Growing & Enjoy the Rewards!

Planting chillies from seeds is a rewarding experience. You can witness the entire growth process, from the tiny sprout to the vibrant green chilli pepper. Plus, homegrown chillies often have a fresher and more nuanced flavour compared to store-bought options.

So why wait? Add a touch of spice to your life and order your Chilli F1 vegetable seeds today!

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Weight 1.0-4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 1.0-4 cm