Cucumber Simar F1 Hybrid


Cucumber Simar F1 Hybrid
Brand Known You Seed
Quantity 10 g
Plant Height 150-200 CM
Fruit Length 18-20 CM
Fruit weight 180-200 g
Fruit Shape Cylindrical
Fruit Color Glossy Green

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Cucumber Simar F1 Hybrid Seeds: Grow Delicious Homegrown Cucumbers

Are you looking for a high-yielding, easy-to-grow cucumber variety perfect for salads and fresh eating? Look no further than Cucumber Simar F1 Hybrid Seeds! Simar cucumbers are known for their prolific growth and production of delicious fruit.

Simar cucumber plants boast vigorous growth, ensuring a bountiful harvest. These plants produce predominantly female flowers, maximizing fruit production compared to varieties with a higher ratio of male flowers. The resulting cucumbers feature a beautiful, glossy green skin with minimal spines, making them easy and enjoyable to handle.

The taste of Simar cucumbers is truly delightful. They offer a refreshingly crisp texture with a sweet flavor, making them a versatile addition to your culinary creations. Enjoy them sliced in salads, add them to dips, or try them pan-fried for a unique and flavorful side dish.

Simar cucumbers are ideal for home gardeners seeking a manageable harvest size. These cucumbers mature to a convenient 18-20 centimeters long and 4.8 centimeters in diameter, perfectly suited for various culinary uses. Even better, Simar cucumbers are fast maturing! You can expect to harvest your delicious homegrown cucumbers in just 46 days after sowing the seeds.

Simar cucumber seeds offer excellent adaptability when it comes to growing conditions. They thrive in both open fields and protected environments like net houses. This versatility allows you to cultivate Simar cucumbers regardless of your specific gardening setup.

For optimal results, plant Simar cucumber seeds during the late Kharif season, which typically falls between July and September in India, or during the early summer months. With their fast maturation time and adaptability, Simar cucumbers are a fantastic choice for home gardeners looking to enjoy fresh, delicious cucumbers throughout the season.