Cucumber Simar F1 Hybrid


Cucumber Simar F1 Hybrid
Brand Known You Seed
Quantity 10 g
Plant Height 150-200 CM
Fruit Length 18-20 CM
Fruit weight 180-200 g
Fruit Shape Cylindrical
Fruit Color Glossy Green

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  • Plant grows vigorously and bears predominantly female flowers
  • The skin is glossy green with few spines
  • Fruit tastes crispy and sweet, making it suitable for salad or frying
  • Suitable size for harvest is around 18-20 cm long, 4.8 cm in diameter and 200-220 gm in weight. It can be harvested around 46 days after sowing
  • Suitable for open and shed net cultivation
  • Season – Late Kharif, early summer