Pruning Shear – MMT 103T


  • Effortless Thinning: Perfect for garden pruning and thinning.
  • Stainless Steel Blade: Durable and sharp for clean cuts.
  • Comfortable Handle: Carbon steel handle with PVC dip sleeve for easy grip.
  • Reliable Tool: Trusted by gardeners for precise gardening tasks.

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Pruning Shear for Every Garden Need

These bypass pruning shear are a versatile and essential tool for any gardener. Perfect for trimming stems, branches, and flowers, they provide a clean, precise cut that promotes healthy plant growth.

A reliable tool for garden enthusiasts. Designed for effortless thinning and pruning, this shear is crafted with durable stainless steel (H&T) blades and a comfortable carbon steel handle with a PVC dip sleeve.

Use Pruning Shear Sharp & Precise Cuts:

The bypass mechanism features a sharp, bypassing blade that glides past a flat anvil blade, ensuring a clean and accurate cut that minimizes damage to your plants. This is especially important for encouraging healthy new growth and preventing the spread of diseases.

Lightweight & Easy to Use:

These pruning shears are crafted with lightweight, yet durable materials, making them comfortable to use for extended periods without tiring your hands. The ergonomic handle design provides a secure grip, allowing for effortless control and precision when pruning.

Multiple Uses:

These bypass pruning shears are a great all-around tool for various gardening tasks, including:

  • Trimming stems and branches: From deadheading flowers to shaping shrubs, these shears can handle a variety of stem and branch thicknesses.
  • Cutting flowers: Harvest beautiful blooms for your home with clean, precise cuts that won’t damage the delicate stems.
  • Pruning young trees: Encourage healthy growth in young trees by carefully removing unwanted branches.
  • Maintaining houseplants: Keep your indoor plants healthy and under control with precise cuts.

Features of Our Pruning Shear:

  • Bypass pruning mechanism for clean cuts
  • Sharp, durable blades
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Secure grip handles
  • Suitable for various pruning tasks

Invest in a quality pair of bypass pruning shears and experience the difference! With their ease of use, precision cutting, and versatility, they’ll become your go-to tool for maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden.

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