Pumpkin Surya F1 Hybrid Seeds


Pumpkin Surya
Brand Sungro
Quantity 50 g
Fruit Shape Flattish Round
Fruit Skin Color Molted Green
Fruit Flesh Color Deep Orange
Fruit Weight 2.5 KG
Maturity 85-90 Days
Remarks Suitable for Long Distance Transportation, Wide Adaptability



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Grow Premium Pumpkins with Pumpkin Surya F1 Hybrid Seeds

Are you looking for a reliable and productive pumpkin variety? Look no further than Pumpkin Surya F1 Hybrid seeds from Sungro! These high-quality seeds are a top choice for home gardeners and professional farmers.

Key Features:

Pumpkin seeds boast excellent disease resistance, ensuring a healthy and bountiful harvest. Unlike some pumpkin varieties that struggle with common diseases, these seeds produce strong, resilient plants. This translates to less worry and enjoyment as you watch your pumpkins thrive.

Another key advantage of Pumpkin seeds is the consistent fruit size. This is a valuable feature for commercial growers who rely on uniformity in their crops. Whether you are selling pumpkins at a farmer’s market or supplying them to restaurants, these seeds will help you achieve consistent results.

But even if you’re just growing pumpkins for personal enjoyment, you’ll appreciate the beautiful appearance of the mature fruit. Pumpkin Surya F1 produces vibrant orange pumpkins with deep orange flesh, perfect for jack-o’-lanterns, fall decorating, or simply enjoying delicious recipes.

These fast-maturing seeds allow you to harvest your pumpkins in just 85-90 days from planting. This means you can enjoy the fruits (pun intended!) of your labor sooner, making them ideal for shorter growing seasons.

Pumpkin Surya F1 Hybrid seeds also excel in their long-distance transportation capabilities. The sturdy fruits can be shipped without significant risk of damage, making them a great option for farmers who want to reach wider markets.

Finally, these seeds boast wide adaptability, thriving in various climates. Whether you have a hot summer or a cooler growing season, Pumpkin Surya F1 Hybrid seeds have the potential to flourish in your garden.

Are hybrid pumpkin seeds better for large-scale farming?

  • Increased Yields: Hybrid pumpkins are often bred for higher yields compared to open-pollinated varieties. This can translate to greater profits for farmers.
  • Uniformity: Hybrid pumpkins tend to be more uniform in size, shape, and color. This consistency makes them ideal for commercial markets where appearance is important.
  • Disease Resistance: Many hybrid pumpkin varieties are bred to be resistant to common diseases that can devastate crops. This reduces the need for fungicides and ensures a healthier harvest.
  • Improved Shelf Life: Some hybrid pumpkins have a longer shelf life after harvest, making them easier to transport and store for later sale.

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